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Web Guide System


  • Slitting machines
  • Slitter rewinders
  • Printing presses
  • Coating machines
  • Laminating machines

Web-guiding systems are used in the converting industry to position the substrate materials, known as webs, before processing. They are typically positioned just before a critical stage on a converting machine.

Selectra web guiding system uses a sensor to monitor the web position for lateral tracking, and each has an actuator to shift the running web mechanically back on course whenever the sensor detects movement away from the required path or register.

Actuators may be pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, or electromechanical. Non-contact reflective photocells, ultrasonic or infrared sensors are used for edge control depending on the application. The system’s control unit uses the output signals from the sensors to move the actuator.

Guiding Applications:

  • Unwind Web Guide/Uncoiler Web Guide - Ideal for badly wound rolls.
  • Intermediate Displacement Web Guide - Ideal where there is minimum space.
  • Intermediate Steering Web Guide - Ideal for steering oven exit or conveyors.
  • Rewind Web Guide/Recoiler Web Guide - Repositions itself to achieve proper web alignment.

System Operation

Web guiding systems operate at high speed, constantly making small adjustments to maintain the position of the web. Selectra systems use digital technology and touch screen operator interfaces so simplify set up.

All the parameters are set by the operator control logic. The systems show the measured error on an LCD display that shows graphically and numerically the deviation values. The zero setting can be modified for moving the offset level. In the most sophisticated systems the sensor can be motorised.

The auto-center device is used for moving the edge guide in a central position in order to start a new job with the same potential correction on both the sides.