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Web Cleaner

Web Cleaner - applications

  • Printing Presses
  • Coating Machines
  • Laminating Machines
  • Slitting Machines
  • Conveyors

Contamination on webs and substrates

The Proact web cleaner has been designed and manufactured for continuous duty providing maximum cleaning efficiency with a minimum maintenance.

The non contact web cleaner removes contamination particles from webs and substrates in process machines which reduces customer returns/rejects and creates higher profitability.

The non contact web cleaner is a revolutionary new approach to cleaning webs first used in the photographic industry to clean moving photographic papers. It combines high pressure vacuum slot, a powerful air jet bar and high output anti-static bars in one compact head unit. The heads are connected to an in-line collection filter unit so the system removesand collects particles from the webs and substrates, enhancing quality and productivity.

Contamination of the webs and substrates are mostly caused by static electricity that attracts factory dust particles like a magnet. Another source for contamination is the majority of substrate reels will have embedded slitting dust and particles trapped between the layers which need to be removed.


  • Increase productivity, efficiency and profit
  • Higher product quality with less rejects
  • Reduced downtime for cleanup
  • Reduced clogging of digital print heads
  • Improved Health and safety with reduced operator exposure to dust
  • Low cost solution with rapid payback

For machine specifications

  • Web widths: 150 – 2500 mm
  • Line speeds: up to 250 mpm
  • Web contamination from 1 micron to 2 mm