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Static Generation

Effective, simple, clean and non-marking

Electrostatic attraction is used to control moving film, paper and webs.

Electro-Static Generators and Charging Bars solve moving or stationary material problems by putting static electricity to work. They create temporary adhesion and pinning, using the bonding force of positive and negative ions (electrostatic attraction).

Our Static Generators are available in positive and negative output voltage.

The Static Charging Bars are available in lengths up to 3 metres. A Single Point Static Pinner is also available.

The Generator/Bar System enables you to bond similar or dissimilar materials and holds materials in place, eliminates air pockets and wrinkles in multi-layer products, prevents plastic films from wandering on rewinders or shrinking on cooling cylinders, and increase production speeds.

Static generation - applications

  • Bag on reels
  • Bindery Insertions
  • Cast Film
  • Chill rollers
  • Folders
  • In-Mold Labeling
  • Loose Labels & Leaflets
  • Multi-Layer Plow Feeders
  • Non-Adhesive Laminating
  • Patch Handles
  • Plastic Welders
  • Printing ESA
  • Shrink wrappers
  • Stackers
  • Transfer drums
  • Web Splicing
  • Wicketed bags removing air
  • Winders
  • other applications where temporary bonding and pinning of materials is required.