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Static Elimination

Static elimination is used to improve production operations in all industries which process non-conductive materials. This includes industries which produce film, paper, textiles, wood, plastic mouldings, food and pharmaceutical products.

It can affect every stage of the operation from primary processing through to final packaging.

Static electricity can cost companies tens of thousands of Pounds in product losses, downtime and quality related defects.

Static elimination - applications

Typical applications of static elimination include:-

  • Product sticking within the process machine
  • Product or Web contamination
  • Web wander
  • Web wrapping around rolls
  • Web breaks or jams
  • Sheet stacking a mess
  • Sheets will not compress or stack closely
  • Sheets cling together
  • Damage to sensors and other electronics
  • Increased wear or pitting of roller bearings
  • Pneumatic conveying


  • Dust contamination
  • Bad printing and coating
  • Damage to Electronics
  • High reject rate and poor quality


  • Shocks to operators,
  • Fire risk from static discharges,

The correct application of static control equipment will solve these issues and many more.