First choice for ancillaries

Plate Mounter

  • Low cost solution with rapid payback
  • Higher product quality
  • Less rejects and rework
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce setup times
  • Time 30 seconds per plate cylinder
  • Compatible with all cylinder types

Plate Mounter

The Plate Mounter is simply the most effective system for mounting all types of flexible photopolymer printing plates. Guaranteed to be pin accurate every time, it is quick and simple to operate and has an integral adhesive tape dispenser as standard. No more valuable production time due to mislaid plates – or costly down time waiting for plates to be mounted. A complete set of printing plates can be pre-mounted, before going to press, with full confidence they will be square and accurate. The Plate Mounter is compatible with printing cylinders from almost every type of narrow web press so all can enjoy the benefits.


The systems utilize 2 pre-applied register marks at each edge of the printing plates, aligned perpendicular to the printing direction. The print cylinder is loaded onto a spindle, directly under the high magnification cameras. Double sided mounting tape is applied to the printing cylinder. The printing plate is then positioned and clamped under the two cameras and each camera is focused onto a different half of each register mark. The combined image is displayed on the monitor. The position of the printing plate to the cylinder can be infinitely adjusted until the two half images make a perfect full display. At this point, the printing plate can be firmly applied to the printing cylinder & released from the plate clamp. The plate is now mounted and ready to go to press.


  • High Definition B/W Mono Monitor
  • Matched Twin 1ccd Cameras (professional quality)
  • Matched Twin High-Magnification Lenses
  • Tape Dispenser With 75mm Cone Core adaptor
  • Plate Holder
  • Micro Adjustable Plate Positioning
  • Max Cylinder Width: 17” , 430mm (Other sizes on request)
  • Max Cylinder Diameter: 24” , 610mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 650 x 780 x 1000mm (Standard Unit)
  • Supply: 220, 240V, Single Phase,13 amp
  • Weight: 45 Kgs

Plate Mounter Options

  • Work Station
  • Cylinder Spindles for Various Machines