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Pinhole Detector

Pinhole Detector - applications

Plastic film

Plastic sheet

Plastic coatings

The pinhole control unit is suitable for the automatic counting of pin hole faults in plastic coatings, sheet and films. The pinhole tester unit works in-line and is a low cost, non-destructive electronic system that instantly locates defects in plastic materials on the production line.

The pinhole control unit comes in four sizes.

  • Model 1: 1 - 7.5 KV
  • Model 2: 2 - 15 KV
  • Model 3: 4 - 30 KV
  • Model 4: 5 - 40 KV


The pinhole control unit is housed in a robust metal cabinet

Re-settable high-speed fault counter

Alarm and sensitivity controls

Visual and audible alarms

Suitable for very high speeds

Output which can be linked to an inkjet marker or label-flagging unit

CE approved


Improves quality control which reduces waste or down grading of plastic film

Ensures consistent high quality of films which increases customer confidence and increases business

Altenative to expensive inspection systems