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Drying Systems

Drying systems for printing presses

There are three ways of transferring heat:

  • Convection
  • Conduction
  • Radiation

Convection drying is hot-air drying.

Our dryers are of a modular design. Dryers and equipment are connected only by pipelines, allowing them to be modified easily. For example, a heating medium can be changed without major effort.

The drying process determines the dryer. Many variables influence the design of a dryer. The following are cited as examples:

  • The necessary treatment time
  • The transport speed of the product
  • The properties of the product
  • The behaviour during drying of the layer being dried
  • The maximum drying temperature for each drying section
  • The required amount of energy
  • The available installation space
  • The heating energy to be used
  • The amount of dirt
  • The production system / technical system
  • The product change frequency

The dryer constructor is able to design an optimum dryer on the basis of the housing shape (door design, position of the connections, web travel), nozzle geometry, air volumes and temperatures. The material and surface of the transport system are adapted to the drying process.

Our dryers are ideal for drying web and curved products. The liquid to be evaporated can be water, but also a solvent or a solvent combination and should not be applied in too large quantities.