First choice for ancillaries

Doctor Blade Chambers


  • Higher print quality and less waste
  • Increase productivity with "tool-less" quick change blade and seals
  • Reduce ink waste and increase profit
  • Lightweight with strong construction
  • Carbon fibre corrosion free Easy to clean
  • State-of-the-art technology with rapid payback
  • Cleaner safer working environment

The Proact doctor blade chamber is manufactured from high strength woven Carbon Fibre. The high strength woven Carbon Fibre minimises deflection and twisting in the chamber producing more consistent doctoring.

The fully enclosed chamber means reduced solvent evaporation and very important a cleaner, safer working environment for machine operators.

The chamber system offers the latest "tool-less" feature for fast blade and end seal changes reducing down time.

Mono-blade chambers designs are also available.

Retro-Fit to existing machines options with a full design and engineering service.

System Operation

Carbon Fibre is an inert and corrosion free material which means it is not affected by aggressive aqueous or solvent inks/coatings in operation. The lightweight construction of carbon fibre at 70% less than aluminium makes the chambers very easy for operators to handle.

With machine cold start-up operation the issues associated with aluminium or stainless steel chambers are eliminated because of the thermal inertia property of carbon fibre. The chamber can also handle heated lotions.

For machine specifications

  • Web widths: up to 3500mm
  • Roll diameters: up to 360mm

For machine applications

  • Corrugated Pre-print and Post-print
  • Flexible packaging (wide and narrow web)
  • Wall coverings
  • Tissue & Non Woven's
  • Envelope
  • Coating and Varnishing