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About Proact

Proact is a well established manufacturer, sales and service company representing leading manufacturers supplying ancillary equipment to the PAPER and PLASTICS industries. We guide you in selecting the best ancillary equipment to improve your process machines with the latest technology available and help keep you ahead and up to speed with your customer expectations.

Your customer expectations are changing rapidly whether this is environmentally driven or market led and you can not afford to ignore this. Therefore proactively upgrading your process machines with the latest technolgy in ancillary equipment, is vital if you want your business to remain competitive.

1996 - Proact was founded as an agency business for leading European manufacturers of ancillary equipment for the paper and plastics Industries.

1998 - Proact Non-Contact Web Cleaning Systems.

2000 - Anti-Static and Static Generation Equipment from Fraser anti static.

2002 - Proact Pinhole Fault Detection Systems for plastic films and sheets.

2004 - Proact Flexo Plate Mounting from Flexotech Hungary.

2006 - Web Guide and Tension Control Systems from Selectra Italy.

2008 - Register Control Systems from Selectra Italy.

2010 - Ink Supply and Washing Systems from Selectra Italy.

2012 - Chambered Doctor Blades made from carbon fibre.

2014 - Drying Systems from Ahlbrandt GmbH.

2016 - Corona Discharge Treaters, Ozone Destruct and Plasma Treatment from Mero Italy.

2018 - Rotor Spray Coating Systems from Consultex USA.

Proact has continually grown and expanded with new agency partners and products.

We have expanded around the world with sales agencies in overseas countries.

Proact has over twenty years hundreds of equipment installations worldwide through continued customer commitment.